What is an employment letter?

Author: CML Canadian Mortgage Lender |

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An employment letter is required by all lenders for any gainfully employed client. They require a specific format therefore it’s important to know what to request to avoid any delays with having to ask for revisions. The letter is mandatory to support your pay stubs and provide more detail about your job. The letter must indicate the following:

  1. Start date/Tenure
  2. Position/Job title
  3. Employment Status (ie – full time permanent, part time casual, etc)
  4. Guaranteed salary or hourly rate and hours per week
  5. Employer contact information (name, position, phone number and email)
  6. Signed and dated on company letterhead

Please note the lender will call the contact person to do a verbal reference check to verify employment. It’s important to give your employer the expectation of a phone call and the reference should match the letter exactly.